In order for the treatment to succeed, the doctor and the patient need good cooperation. I am grateful that I have gained the confidence and understanding of the patients, without this we would never have achieved this goal.


Here are some comments from my patients who wanted to share their experiences.


Lei Wang





We want to thank you for the acupuncture and herbs you gave us in 2013. We had lost a baby in the stomach at the end of pregnancy and had some hassle of getting pregnant again. In order to feel good during this time, we went to you and got the help that made us feel able to live.


After the treatments with you, we thought we would be "effective" and therefore, both of us were inseminated in the same cycle.


In May 2014, we gave birth to two healthy and strong babies at two-day intervals. Today our children are 3.5 years old and we have the world's finest family ❤️



/ Lisa and Sofie Lyckborn



Dear Lei!

With great respect for your fantastic knowledge.

Since I could not get dressed, comb me, cut cheese, scale apples etc. I now work full time as usual. As a "small entrepreneur," it all depends on my work. My night's rest has been so good at the same time when the bad pain is gone.


With a big heart from me

Thank you so much Camilla M



Lei came into my life when I had too soon stopped a long-term antidepressant medication. Thanks to Lei's treatments, I passed through 6 months of difficult symptoms, when I felt bad. Now I have also managed to stop with sleeping pills after 20+ years, even that with Lei's help. Forever grateful and full of respect! Medicine free after 23 years.


Cecilia Wingård


Finest Lei

Have been with you since I was little. You have become the family's general practitioner and as soon

As something happens, we all say -"You have to go to Lei!" You listen, you help when we

feeling weak, strengthens until we manage again and you give us the means to work for our self.

Thank you for everything, so glad you are.


Warmest regards

Anna Gustafsson




Lei Wang

You are like a whirlwind "wind" sweeping through us with your "angelic" gifts.

Each needle you put in you do it with "precision", and starts our "self-healing" ability.

Over the years I've sent a lot of different people to you - with a lot of different issues

and every person you have helped and healed. We have many different angels walking the earth ... you are

one of the angels them! - Lei






These are some words that range over 20 years ... Lei! Your treatments and

recommendations, needles and conversations have helped me and my family in different situations

over the years. "The needles" goes deep and begins our own healing and healing



Thanks! Warm greetings

Anneli Martin




Today, the treatment was like music. Suddenly the needles woke up to life - the impulse

jumped from one needle to another, one can almost say - danced around.

Felt like music, though it was pain music. But still pleasing and pleasant.

Today I have experienced the body as an instrument!







You have knowledge, experience, intuition, and heart. With you we get the "whole", and

the help on the way to creating our inner strength and balance.

You are "amazing"!





Hi Lei,


I would like to tell you about my experiences of acupuncture.

It began 20 years ago. I had pain in a thigh muscle. It was diagnosed with inflammation. My stomach does not tolerate that kind of medicine and I was asked by my doctor if I could think of acupuncture. I was positive and after about 3 years of regular recurring treatment, all the pain was gone.


Now I understood that acupuncture was a better method than medicine. Over time, new "ailments" have been added and through a large newspaper article, I got in touch with Lee Wang and her genuine Chinese medicine. As the Chinese view of health is very wide, I have in addition to the acupuncture also received life advice and suggestions on another lifestyle to stay well.


I am so grateful that I came in contact with acupuncture early and found you, Lei Wang. Her increasing work of teaching her patients about what is important in life in terms of food and lifestyle is perhaps what will be the most important for all of us in the future if we only start on time. Acupuncture can then be the extra emergency treatment we may need from time to time. I hope Lei can have more time learning us to change lifestyle in time and that we ask for this so that we get a good health.



Jan Kopperud

engineer and business consultant


Hi, Lei!


I was with you a few times last winter November and December for treatment for my third IVF trial and the acupuncture helped! August 31 this year we got a little boy. I also got a lot better circulation in my hands and feet and is not as frozen anymore.



Greetings Karoline with family



I am amazed, overwhelmed and deeply grateful for the fact that you, with your great knowledge, exists Lei. You have helped me so infinitely.


I came to you the first time because, 31 years old, had pain in my entire body and it was totally unbearable with extremely many migraines. This is because of the fact that for ten years I suffered from migraines with seizures about 1-2 times a week and 6-7 years of limping due to large attrition in my foot that led to wrong pressure and a very painful hip and body. Of course, I sought help in traditional care over the years but then received answers like being too young for something serious. Among other things, I missed a fracture for years. With two foot surgery in a year, I was also depressed and experienced my body as if it were a hundred-year-old. Then I came to you with my most acute problem. The migraine had escalated to several severe attacks every week and I never got a chance to recover. Firstly, I sought help from my migraine clinician because I was totally desperate, they know this I thought. The only answer and "help" I got there were more medicines, of the kind I explained that I had already had at home and used all these years!


From the first visit to Lei, I felt a big difference, the body was fighting something and something let go. After the third time, the difference was huge! I got the power back, pains in my body disappeared. I felt like got my life back. After the 5th time, my migraine has not come back at all and now it has been almost a year since the first visit. Absolutely indescribable feeling.


I have always had problems with my intestines since I have since teens are diagnosed with IBS, intestines that do not work as they should. With Lei's advice to stop with milk products and white flour, I feel so much better in this too.


Since I suddenly felt good after Lei's treatments, I and my partner dared to get a long-awaited child. To my great surprise, I quickly became pregnant despite the diagnosis of my endometrium. Now pregnant with my first child, I had a lot of trouble with pelvic joint pain early in my pregnancy.


According to trad. doctor this came because of my early problems with my the foot. Doctors and MVC did what they could, told me that I had to live with the pain and that it is likely to get worse but it will disappear when the baby has arrived. Tough to receive when I've had such a pain that I cried every day and had to get crutches to get up and walk. Called of course Lei. One visit and the following day I could walk relatively normally and be pleased with a radically reduced pain! Miracle again. Has since gone several times to strengthen the body and keep painless from the pelvic joint pains. For example, I had a lot of pain in the pelvic front joint at the abdomen, it was like knives. Lei placed ear acupuncture on a particular point for this. After a day of massaging on it, it disappeared! I dare barely think about how my pregnancy has become unless Lei has existed. Now we only have three weeks left on the estimated date and both I and the child are doing well.


For me, the hospital is just a hospital, At Lei, you go to wellness! Are so grateful and feel so much respect for your skill Lei, in what you do and the deep knowledge you have about the human body and its complex energy system. It is a great assurance that you are there. Thank you for all your warmth and help!


/ Violeta Talevska



The first time I went to Lei, I took some treatments for my most acute inconvenience. It happened a lot in a short while and I was amazed and pleased with it.


A few years later, after years of fatigue and childbirth, I came to Lei again. Then I mainly needed help with sleep problems, which Lei could help me with on quite a few treatments.


When it got better, I wanted to heal the next thing; my migraine. It took a little longer, but slowly they released the 20-year-old tension in the shoulders and the migraine disappeared.


One can be happy with that, but when I really want to be as healthy, free and healthy as possible, I went on to continue strengthening the body.


Tensions and blockages were discovered one by one. I gave it time and eventually, I noticed that I was not tired anymore. The powerless state I thought was part of me was gone. The force flowed through the back in a completely new way.


How long it takes to get well depends on what you have in your luggage and on how well you want to be. Do you want to be free from pain? Perhaps some treatments will suffice. Do you want to heal and strengthen your body and soul at all levels? Then you can go on for the rest of your life.


To heal the whole body means that you can heal your soul as well. When there is flow in the body, the power will flow in the soul. If you are prepared to do that trip too, you can come a long way, get an increased quality of life at all levels.


With warmth,

Evalotta Stiernholm.

(Theologian and coach with love for inner life.)



Hi, Lei!


Thanks to you, your knowledge and treatment, our long-awaited son, Alexander, was born 6/9/09. We have already sent a greeting card with a photo of him to you. Now, we just wanted to say that just after this treatment we managed to get pregnant for the first time after many years of trying and after many IVF attempts.


Everything went so well that we even got an embryo left in the freezer and we were going to take a chance and pick up our little embryo though the odds were against us, we had failed so many times before and this time we had a long trip to Falun where we had our embryo. We had moved from Trollhättan to Haparanda. So in April 2011 we went there to pick up the embryo and made a long and intense trip, 180 miles back and forth, in 1.5 days, but it paid off. 4 / 1-2012 our beautiful daughter Sofia was born, who celebrated her first birthday 3 weeks ago.


So we just want to thank you and your knowledge. Thank you for being here. Hope all happiness in the future!


Hug Suvi & Kari as well as Sofia and Alexander



When my 85-year-old mother called me with a lot of despair over a terrible pain in the legs that had been latent for a couple of years but now broke out with full force, we called the doctor. Well, maybe it will be better, But there is not much to do .. That was the answer mom got from her doctor. The pain escalated so that she was in so much pain that she walked around and cried. She had so much pain that she could hardly go to the toilet. We tried an osteopath and visited even more doctors without any success.


My alert, happy mom who gladly went out with our big dogs and worked in the garden was just a shadow of her old self. She lay mainly in bed all day and could not sleep at night because of the pain in the legs that also crept up in the back. We went to another doctor who could do nothing but give her the strongest morphine tablets. Mom got very diffused and her balance became bad. There was a letter of referral to the hospital where she was immediately taken in. Mum was allowed to stay for about one and a half weeks at the hospital and all the thinkable investigations were made, samples and x-rays of different kinds were also taken. It was found that several of the dishes in the back was in the clamp, the liquid in the dishes was no longer there and the nerve-threads in the back down to the legs were clamped. Mom was sent home with walker and crutches and even more morphine tablets. One could do nothing more than give her time to a physiotherapist. The physiotherapist stood completely astonished and saw no solution to such a serious injury. I persuaded a very doubtful mother to do a try with acupuncture. Mom was lucky and got time at Lei Wang with just a few days' notices. Without much hope of any help with pain relief and with the help of crutches and a lot of morphine, Mommy went to Dr. Wang with a lot of help.


Even after the first treatment, my mother felt so good that she put away both the walker and the crutches. Then she graduated ended with her medications. After a few more visits, she drives her car herself to the summer house and can take walks with my dogs. We are all very surprised that there is a help to get for the pains where healthcare is completely powerless. That the result was a hundred times better than anyone could imagine makes us forever grateful for the treatment my mother gets from Lei Wang.


Despite the fact that my mother reached the age of 85, the treatment has had a fantastic effect and my mother is now painless and has been able to return to her normal active life instead of living as a painful shrinkage. Getting rid of the terrible pain is worth absolutely anything.




I am a middle-aged woman who has been treated by Lei because of pain, drowsiness (must take medication, two heart attacks, high blood pressure, obesity). There had been dramatic changes in my family (death). All of my energy was completely emptied.

After a number of treatments, my inner balance was rebuilt and I became a "new person".

THANK YOU FANTASTIC LEI !! Now I had the power to take responsibility for continuing personal training. I was motivated to maintain and strengthen the recovered power through eg. Falun Gong. Also, the weight came in balance (went down 12 kg/year) I felt and feel simple so good again after a big grief in my life.

Lei always spreads a positive atmosphere, encourages and emphasizes the importance of seeing the whole. To meet friends, enjoy regular walks in nature, listen to the sounds of nature, maybe birdsong, water puddles, ripples, visit cultural events, etc. All this contributes to and IS HEALTH. I wish that many who suffer can be helped in a similar way as I was.



Greetings from a grateful and happy Ingrid from Hönö.



In 1994 my partner got zoster, then it was time to call Lei, she said yes and came tomorrow. 3 times she was there and this cruel pain was over and has since gone away. In 1996-97 we met a neighbor who had severe zoster. I gave her Leis phone number, but she dared not call. After a while, the woman came back and said, you can drive me to the needle lady. She did not know who Lei was. Uno rang and it went well.

After three treatments she was well. This woman, then 76-77 years, dared not tell his siblings that she went there because of their religion.


In May 1988 I injured my left foot. I was at the hospital for a long time and I underwent 6 major operations from 88 to 91. In the fall of 1991, I came in contact with Lei. Then I had become 100 kg heavy and 190 cm long and had to be supported by my partner to get into her reception. After 3 times at Lei, I was able to walk again. It just got better day by day so I continued 3-4 times with acupuncture. And listen and be amazed, I was able to start working full time again. The doctors at the Östra Sjukhuset had done what they could, but with Lei's acupuncture, I became good.


Over the years, have been 2-3 times a year to keep the blood circulation in the foot under control. When it gets cold and aching, it's time for Lei with the needles.


P.S. I worked as a self-employed person until I was 75 years old.


Thank you for being there.



In May 2007, my vision on the left eye became worse. Then I went to an eye specialist at Mölndal Hospital. I was prescribed surgery, "gray glaucoma," they said. On 19/11/11 it became an operation, but what happened should Uno not know. But on the same day, we had to go back in. Uno was hospitalized with a cruel pain in the middle of the left eye. 4 - 5 doctors examined the left eye, then we continued with 10 - 12 visits to the hospital. Everything was black, at the last visit he had 10% view on the left eye and I would come back in about 4 months. On March 08, we went to Lei Wang. Her first question was, how is the foot. Then the discussion was in full swing and I talked about my left eye. She gave me a treatment immediately and well in the car, I told my wife, "Oh God, I can see" and it has been better and better for each time.


PS. I visited my doctor Dr. Bo Andersson, and the sight of the eye was 80%. I have only been with Lei. Now I'm just hoping to drive my car again soon.


Thank you for Lei Wang!

Uno 79 years




Hi, Lei!


Some time ago, I called you and thanked you for the acupuncture help during pregnancy trial June 2007. Then I promised you a photo on Lovisa, now 16 months old. Better late than never ... Again 1000 Thank you !!!


Hug Emma




After 3 treatments my depression has changed to believe in the future, joy and I have regained the powers. Thank you Dear Lei for Sweden's fastest and most effective depression treatment with a single side effect, lots of energy!





After trying to get pregnant on my own and after 2 failed tests, I read in "Vi Föräldrar" that acupuncture could increase the chances by 65%. I received treatment from Lei and noticed a difference at once. She said I had blockages that couldn't get me pregnant. I felt the "blockages" dropped. I slept better, feeling more harmonious. My back and neck ache disappeared and I felt better in every way. 4 days after the first treatment, the next test tube fertilization was attempted, and it succeeded!


Now I'm in v. 7, so just keep your fingers crossed!






Thank you for cured my facial paralysis. Now I can meet my mirror image with recognition. You have given me hope and well-being.


I wish you all the best.






Thank you, Lei, for the nice help I have received from you. Now I can breathe better and sleep well, my horrible cough disappeared. Can not thank you enough for what you helped me with. Feeling happier for the summer that is here now. Will come back if I need help. Thanks again








Thank you for treating me and giving me support and hope, through a very difficult time in my life. When I came to you 1½ years ago, all of me was in a big imbalance. I had a herniated disc in my neck and severe muscular cramps in my shoulders. It has become much better now, despite a couple of backlashes. I do not eat tablets every day anymore. Thank you, Lei, for giving me hope.


Hope you get a really nice and beautiful summer. Take care of you and your family.


Hug Patricia




The doctor says that the only one who can help me is a good acupuncture. Therefore, I turn to you. Have a pain from the waist and down in both legs. The pain is terrible, sometimes cannot stand. Please, can I have an emergency time?







Lei Wang!


Thank you very much to Lei Wang for all the help I received. I was in bad condition when I came to you this spring, with so many painful symptoms that have been there for a number of years. I am very surprised that these powerful treatments could restore health so much. I admire your knowledge, as well as your kindness and a great way to meet your patients.






Freshest and strongest, the plants grow when in hands of a good gardener.


Thank you to Lei Wang from Britt-Marie




Best Lei Wang


After a brief acupuncture treatment with you, my menstruation worked again and I got pregnant in March - 07! Our long-awaited child is expected to arrive in late November - 07!



Wishing you all the best luck & success

Katja & Michael




Hi, Lei!


Thank you for treating Jim so fast. He got a lot better immediately and is completely healthy after 3 days.


Warm greetings

Anneli + Jim




After many years of problems with tinnitus in the left ear and a sluggish, swollen stomach, I have already become much better after the first treatment with acupuncture and herbs. I have also had trouble for many years with a tight nose which made it difficult to periodically breathe through the nose. A letter of referral was sent to healthcare in Gothenburg. But after Lei Wang's first treatment, I can usually breathe through my nose again.






After many rounds of ordinary healthcare without results, I was recommended to go to Lei Wang. It did not take many treatments before noticeable difference. I´ve got a lot of new insights and lessons learned. Thank you, Lei!!




Thank you, Lei! Alma came just over a year ago, strong and beautiful. Two weeks after my 43rd birthday.






Best Lei Wang I had almost given up hope when I came to you and already after a few treatments, my problem began to disappear. Now me and my cohabitant expecting a child, thanks to your treatment it became possible! Heartfelt thanks! Our 1st child is expected to be born in November 2007. Everything good for you!


K & M.




Lei! Thank you for your treatment and support and hope during a very difficult time in my life. When I came to you, 1½ years ago, all of me was in a big imbalance. I had a herniated disc in my neck and severe muscle cramps in my shoulder. It has become much better now, despite a couple of backlashes. I do not eat tablets anymore. Thank you, Lei, for giving me hope! Hope you get a really nice and beautiful summer. Take care of you and your family!






I have long wanted to tell you about my mother's appendicitis.

She was old, should be operated urgently and was very scared.

I asked Lei just before we went to the hospital if we could

treat her with acupuncture instead? We can try

said, Lei. After 3 days of treatment, the pain was gone. After one

week, no inflammation. After 2 weeks of treatment, the

blood pressure has gone down as well.






I can tell that I received acupuncture for my bad stomach and

my high blood pressure at Lei. Through God's blessing and Leis

nursing is my stomach as close as good and the blood pressure

much better.






Our girl Sointu, 10 years, has for many years had an asthmatic cough and difficulty with allergic rashes in the fold of her arms and knees. We´ve been to Lei for about

9 months of treatment with acupuncture and by also changing her eating habits Sointu is now well.

She does not get cortisone and asthma-medicine and she sleeps well at night. An asthmatic cough

disappeared after 4 weeks of treatment and has not returned.

We are grateful.


Sincerely, Ludmilla


Even though I get stuck with sharp needles, I return myself

quite often as a healthy person. It makes me very grateful

A big warm THANK YOU!






Thanks to all my heart for good treatment of the back and stomach.

Feeling so good now.






Thank you for treating 3 of my children. Maja´s stomach is now good after a lot of years of trouble. She has traveled to China, healthy and happy for 1-year

studies. Martin also well in his stomach and alert as ever. It feels good that Lei is there when we need her.

You are a star.






I was recommended by an acquaintance to go to Lei. I had heavy bronchitis, breathing difficulties and a horrible cough. Already at the first

the treatment I felt how the treatment paid out and I could breathe deep again.

It is now good but I continue to go to treatments because my body needs it.

I am very grateful that I got the possibility of recovery.


Thank you, Lei, for being there!





I was helped with acupuncture in connection with a test tube fertilization

5 years ago. At first, I did 2 tries without Lei, third with Lei's help,

And we had a long-awaited child!





Thank you for the help with my sinusitis. The symptom was

completely away 2 days after the treatment.


With regards, Ninni




I would thank you, Lei, for getting my sleeping nights back.

From sleeping between 2 - 3 hours/night, I now sleep 6 to 7

hours. The quality of life has therefore been increased considerably.


Thank you for this gift.



Hi, Lei Wang!


Thank you for your help with the treatment. Vilgot was born on October 10th.







Dear Lei, my nervous stomach has calmed down after many

treatments with you and I are so grateful for it.

Feeling more confident again.





My mother told me she'd been seeing you, so I'm writing this for her right now!

"I have for a long time had a problem with abundant and irregular menstruation.

The doctor wanted to operate me and remove the uterus and ovary but I preferred to consult

Lei Wang instead. After 2-3 treatments, I began to notice a clear improvement and after a few further treatments the menstruation was completely normal, the mood and the spirit were clearly better! "





I would like to thank Lei Wang for helping me

getting rid of my difficulties to relax and find myself again.

My father's death and several stressful

situations in school and working life meant that I had hard to relax, pains in my chest, and sometimes I even shake from all the tensions. When I visited traditional doctors

calming tablets was the only thing I was prescribed. Already

after three treatments, I noticed clear improvements and is today as

good as symptom-free. Acupuncture has helped me to relax

and regain the serenity and harmony of my soul even in times that are

quite stressful.